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Kimberly Austin is a contributing ghostwriter at She finds great pleasure in teaching English and helping students Across the globe adopt creative approach to essay writing.

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How to Save $$$ on College Goods When Shopping Online: USA Hints Aug201724

As a college student, the only source of income you probably have is your parents. A paltry amount, you’re supposed to spend on your groceries, but the adrenaline rush that accompanies the brief session of being a crazy spendthrift on the online supermarket is hard to avoid, and you end up spending almost all your budget on poor grocery choices. What follows thereafter is a terrible case of being both penniless and full of regret for being a complete... Continue reading 

How to Choose the Best Essay Editing Service When You Are Busy as a Bee Jul201711

A student life is synonymous to a perpetual state of being overwhelmed. The teachers and professors simply don’t care if you already have six other papers due, five tests to get ready for, a project, and a presentation. They’ll keep piling you up until you cannot even breathe, and therefore, students have no choice but to seek help from the best essay editing service. Except that there’s a teeny tiny problem when you have six papers due, five tests,... Continue reading 

Mix Biz with Bliss: 5 Pages to Like to Become the Best English Writing Student Jul20179

Despite what the young generation believes in, social media is not just for sharing and creating memes or making dangerous and not-so-dangerous friends. It can also be used to help them become better students. We know this might be hard to digest, but there are several good Samaritans out there who have actually created pages that can help non-native students become professionals in English. They can actually become so good that their papers can even beat the quality and class... Continue reading 

5 Student Life-Hack Discoveries for the Best Electronics Project Jul20177

We all have gone through this light bulb moment in our lives when we are having difficulty with performing everyday tasks. Sadly, our motivation and enthusiasm end the moment we are done with the said task, but it is okay for regular folks. But guess when it is not okay? College students often fail to take the hint to create the best electronics project even when they see all the fellow students struggling with one thing, complaining about another, and saying... Continue reading 

Who Is Better at Providing Help with Writing a Paper on Relations: Men vs. Women Jun201716

Let’s assume that you were asked to write a paper on ‘gasp’ relations. The idea is not very far-fetched, as it is one of the most frequent themes that students have to write about. So why so much dread over the particular topic, you might wonder? In this case, the question arises: ‘Whom to ask for help with writing a paper on relations?’ That’s because despite being involved in various relationships – or not – the college students do not consider... Continue reading 

How Crack-Brained You Will Become After a Globalization Essay Writing Jun20178

College students can only write their papers in one of two ways. Either they do it in a hurry, barely skimming through the surface, or, they become so involved in the topic that it begins to mess with their heads. The last situation often arises when the topic hits a little too close to home, so students get more and more involved in the topic. Working on a globalization essay may result in similar results as it is a... Continue reading 

Sample Global Warming Research Paper So Even Donald Trump Would Say That It’s Hot Jun20176

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. Global Warming is slowly yet steadily killing our planet. You find it hard to believe, don’t you? When you go out of your house, you find yourself cold and shivering in the harsh winds of December and you think to yourself, how can global warming reign when this year seems to be the coldest you have ever witnessed? The lack of proof combined with a far-fetched theory leads us all to... Continue reading 

Frankenstein Research Paper: Using Films to Nail an Academic Assignment May201729

Films and movies are almost always associated with fun and entertainment and can never be thought of as something even slightly educational. Sure there are documentaries and historical narratives which can help with research, but here, we are talking about (and this might sound totally crazy) deriving inspiration from movies and films. Confused yet? Don’t worry as we’ll explain ourselves. All we are saying here is that inspiration comes from all kinds of sources, and movies can serve to be... Continue reading 

5 Activities to Do When You Are Going to Say ‘I Cannot Write an Essay’ May201727

We completely agree with the fact that sometimes essay assignments are so complicated, boring or difficult that students simply give up. However, we also believe that no matter how difficult an essay is if we try, we can write it, and even ace it. If you have faced such a problem with an essay, just do these: Stop Thinking, Start Writing This suggestion might not make sense, but that’s what you have to do. As soon as the... Continue reading 

My Dog Has Eaten It or How to Avoid a Punishment When Your Answer Is ‘I Didn’t Do My Homework!’ May201726

This will remain an unsolved mystery, but somehow, there are always some students in class who “forget” to do their homework. Every country, every continent has been blessed with these students. They just come in a class and say these hurting words ‘I didn’t do my homework.’ Normally, we’d ask these students to write about this mystery, but they’ll probably forget about it too. Anyways, as good as these students are at forgetting their homework, they are not equally... Continue reading