5 Activities to Do When You Are Going to Say ‘I Cannot Write an Essay’

We completely agree with the fact that sometimes essay assignments are so complicated, boring or difficult that students simply give up. However, we also believe that no matter how difficult an essay is if we try, we can write it, and even ace it.

If you have faced such a problem with an essay, just do these:

  1. Stop Thinking, Start Writing
  2. This suggestion might not make sense, but that’s what you have to do. As soon as the words ‘I cannot write an essay’ begin to echo in your mind, just pick up your pencil, pen or laptop and start writing. Sure, you could be writing gibberish, but it will give you the push you need. You’ll erase one sentence, you’ll erase another one, but eventually, you’ll start scripting and that deep-rooted fear of writing will cry for failing so pathetically.

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  3. Put Your Cell Phone away
  4. Not being able to write doesn’t have to do much with our writing abilities but with our own self-doubts and huge distractions. For instance, on the one hand, you are super distracted with your cell phone because your best friend has posted something controversial and you have to back them up, but on the other hand, you have this horrible essay to write.
    So you’ll naturally be inclined toward the controversial post and consider this already difficult task even more challenging. Just put your phone away for an hour or so, and you’ll be surprised how much you have been able to write on the particular topic.

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  5. Stop Impressing Others
  6. Almost half of the time we are writing to impress the teacher and our class fellows and even less than half the time we invest in the topic and the essay itself. Stop trying to write to impress, but write with passion and you will eventually impress everyone.

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  7. Make It Fun
  8. No matter what you do in your life, make sure you make it fun. That is the only thing that can motivate you to keep doing that thing. Likewise, writing a paper is a quite interesting activity, you’ll, at least, be tempted to try, and there’s nothing you can’t do when you make an effort.

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  9. Go Heavy on the Source
  10. Granted that you have to write your own paper doesn’t mean you cannot ask for some help from wise people who actually penned down a whole book on it. A paper always becomes better when you are supporting your point or making some evidence stronger by outright quoting credible sources. It shows that you have done your research well and have a vivid understanding of the subject. This thought will make you panic a little less, and besides, these sources will show you the path to the success.

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    We guarantee you that these activities will motivate you to start writing your own masterpiece. Besides it is just an assignment, it can’t be impossible. It can be difficult maybe, but never impossible.

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