Book Review

Best Books of 2011 That You Actually Need to Spend Your Time on Jun20164

Partying is so much fun, but as a student of today you consider yourself intellectual and above the nonsensical things. To refresh your vocabulary every now and then, reading a book seems like a good option. And no! Watching movies is not going to cut it. The tough and hectic life of students is only interrupted when the teachers bombard them with assignments and term papers with the occasional tests. Keeping sane in college is not an easy feat. Not only... Continue reading 

The Catcher in the Rye Book Review Dec201524

Written in 1951 by J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye is a book that offers a powerful discussion of morality that the world of adults upholds to. It is a novel about an angst-driven teenager, his search for what is right and wrong, and his thoughts on the artificial and unnatural world of adults and the lost innocence of the childhood. Although the book was published over 60 years ago, it still appeals to both rebellious adolescents who are... Continue reading 

Do You Really Know How to Write a Book Review? Dec201522

Despite common students’ fears, writing a book review does not mean providing expertise that should not be questioned by others. Your task is not to rate a book, but to offer a valid opinion on it. So, you should not be scared of the prospect to review a well-recognized work by a famous author, as the fate of the book does not depend on your assessment. The purpose of this assignment is to provide your own view on the piece... Continue reading 

Animal Farm: Sample Book Review Sep201524

“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” It is the universal formula of dictatorship or totalitarianism — just any form of an authoritarian regime. This phrase is eloquent of what Animal Farm by George Orwell is all about. Together with 1984, they form a duo of Orwell’s immortal dystopias, which have been massively read and highly praised, all over the world. George Orwell called his Animal Farm a fairytale, but it is more of a fable with a... Continue reading 

5 Academic Books You Must Read in 2015 Apr201524

Academic works are often overlooked by the majority of reading public as being written for scattered minorities of people interested in some narrow and often obscure piece of knowledge. Novels by well-known authors, published and aggressively promoted by big publishing houses, gain much more attention; yet the truth is, academic publications are much more likely to retain their importance, let’s say, five years from now; when almost all recently published fiction books will be long out of vogue, their academic... Continue reading 

Review of “The Right to Write” by Cameron Apr20151

Julia Cameron’s is a pretty big name in the world of writing; her Artist’s Way made it from its humble beginnings of being self-publication to one of the Top-100 Best Self-Help Books of All Time. The Right to Write, however, is different from its predecessor. The Artist’s Way was a structured, twelve-step program aimed at removing you creative blocks and letting you write freely (Cameron is one of the major proponents of freewriting, the practice of letting your thoughts flow freely... Continue reading