College Life

5 Cases When Shops Online Can Save You in College Feb20173

The world of online shopping is getting bigger and bigger each passing day. Actually, it is thriving. As we all are addicted to the Internet, most of us buy odd things every day, forgetting to ask the most important question, “Do I even need it?” All it has to do is to look good, and all we have to do is to click on the button “Add to the Cart” and it is done. The same is for students. While... Continue reading 

7 Juicy Ideas to Wow Your Friends with a Secret Santa Present at College Jan201718

Student life is one that is filled with struggles, loads of fun, and the thrill of a carefree life. You might be struggling with your timings, studying, working and managing your social life. So, naturally, when Christmas arrives and you have to gift your mates with some of the most thoughtful, useful and cut-rate presents, it might get a little difficult. You mull over the ideas, sift through options and constantly count your cash – as if it is going... Continue reading 

How Money Making Wood Projects Can Change Your Life at College? Sep201612

Being at college and still having no worries of the long list of your expenses (mostly being unnecessary) is an experience only the lucky few have. Perhaps if you are born with a golden spoon, to a multi-millionaire family, then your life at college will surely be the one every student looks up to. Okay enough of the dreaming now! Let’s look at the other side of the picture – you are not the golden spoon kid and actually a... Continue reading 

5 Motival Speakers’ Secrets You Can Use to Become Popular at College Aug201629

If you are not Victoria-Secret-model type gorgeous, becoming popular at school can become a difficult quest. Public speaking skills can help you stay on top of your game. Take a tip from the world’s most amazing motival speakers and use their lifelong experience to bring a shine to your own personality. You can use words to inspire, attract and motivate people. Words have an immense power and you can grab the attention of anyone with just a few of them, if... Continue reading 

Publishing Your Book: A New Way to Become a College Superstar Aug201629

Are you one of those who sit at the back bench in class and don’t get along well with other college mates? We know how it feels and our sympathies are with you! Hey wait, why are we getting so depressed though? You don’t have to be a nobody at college; instead you could be a star – a college superstar! So how will you do that? We have got a perfect way out for you: publish a book! Sounds... Continue reading 

11 Crazy Moves You Will Make If You Don’t Order an Essay about Thermodynamics Jul20163

Life is hard! Not only you have to juggle your studies with your social life, but also you have to pretend to like the hectic, sad routine which is unfortunately your life now. And the science professors don’t plan to have mercy on you when it comes to assigning homework for the day, as if you have nothing else to do in your free time than writing an essay about thermodynamics. Every time you have to do homework assignments or... Continue reading 

10 Proofs College Clubs Will Improve Your Life Aug201526

College life isn’t limited to the classroom and dorm parties – or at least it shouldn’t be. Yet many students go through their stay at college with little to no participation in extracurricular activities which may be both fun and useful. Here are 10 reasons why you’ll certainly benefit from joining the club. 1. Meeting New People College is the best time in your life to meet a lot of new people from a lot of different backgrounds. You can greatly widen the... Continue reading 

7 Things That Won’t Bond You with Your College Roommate Aug201526

Living with other people is hard. If you come from a large family, it may prepare you to share your living space – to a certain degree. Living with a roommate is different all the same – there is no higher authority represented by parents and you are all far from being mature and probably enjoying complete independence for the first time. You are likely to be used to completely different patterns of life – and if you don’t try... Continue reading 

The Standardized Tests Fever Jul201529

Standardized testing is one of those subjects that tend to polarize people – if you have anything to do with education, you usually either whole-heartedly hate them or believe that they are the best thing since sliced bread. Standardized testing haters believe that it is the major flaw in American education system and is responsible for… well, if there is something wrong, you may be sure testing will be blamed for it. Decline in academic results, nervous breakdowns among students, loss... Continue reading 

5 Benefits You Can Get from Friendship with Professors Jul201529

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that being on good terms with people you depend on is a good idea. However, students are not very keen on trying to strike friendly relations with their professors. Probably due to the difference in age – when you are 18 all people over 25 look like members of a different species with no chance to ever understand you. In truth, striking a friendship with a professor may be much easier... Continue reading