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What is FAFSA and What Role May It Play in Student’s Life Jul201510

Free money – is there another combination of two words that would be as pleasant? Especially if you are a student or are soon going to become one of this notoriously not very well-off caste. If you are in this position, you know what we are talking about. When it comes to college education, there is no such thing as too much money – colleges sometimes feel like some monstrous hungry maw ready to devour as much money as you are... Continue reading 

University of California: Mecca for International Students Jun20152

California in general and University of California (UC) in particular have been among the most sought-after education locations for international students in the world. And one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why. California is one of the largest and fastest-growing economies on the globe with unrivalled concentration of technology, education, IT and entertainment industries. If you plan to work in high-tech industry like IT, aviation or engineering, pursue an entertainment career or take up research, California is... Continue reading 

Student Exchange: Be Ready for This! May201523

Being an exchange student in a foreign country is a fascinating, worldview-changing experience. It helps you broaden your horizons, break out of your comfort zone, learn more about yourself. But all these things don’t just happen by themselves. In order to turn your exchange into a pleasant and educational experience, you should work hard and, which is probably the most important, have realistic expectations, both about yourself and about your exchange family. What do we mean by this? Let’s take a... Continue reading 

College Pressures Nov201427

Famous essay by William Zinsser, “College Pressures”, may have been written more than three decades ago, but it doesn’t mean that it is any less relevant today than it has been back in the seventies. If anything, the pressures described by him have even grown in intensity since then. It should be, however, noted that pressure is not necessarily connected with hardships of getting an education per se – on the contrary, it generally exists outside of the curriculum. According to Zissner,... Continue reading 

Are Black College Grads More Likely to Graduate With Debt? Nov201412

Too sad to admit, but the situation is the following: by the time the black college grads finally receive their diploma of Bachelor’s Degree, they have also collected a huge debt, which exceed the sum of the loans their white mates face with. According to the statistics, since 2000, 50% of black grads have piled up more than $25 000 in debt! That is compared to the third of their white counterparts who graduate with as much debt. Besides, more than... Continue reading 

Allies or Opponents: Relationships with Classmates Nov201410

People tend to say the college years are the best ones an individual ever has in his or her entire life. It is a great time when you can meet new friends, have breath-taking love affairs, earn his degree and simply enjoy your life. To say more, the years spent in college are the so-called turn-over phase, when teens are getting ready to enter the adulthood reality. Although college years are associated with many great benefits, there are many students who... Continue reading 

5 Types of Teachers to Stay away from in College Oct20142

We accept the premise that everyone is different. And by that logic, every professor/teacher is different. They have different approaches, different techniques, and manners. They have good sides, and bad sides. Being a student automatically puts you in a position to must develop a relationship with your professor. However, how, and with who you develop those relationships, can impact your college life and experience. Depending on the teacher, you might get an easy way out, or stuck at a certain... Continue reading 

My Last Day at College Aug201422

It’s a very exciting and a bittersweet day. The last day at college is full of speeches, farewells and memories. Four years at college are over and now we are Bachelors. We recollect our college memories, successes and failures, meeting good friends, spending much time in the library, studying hard and enjoying all-right parties. Of course, I feel nervous, excited, a little bit sorrowfully and gladsome at the same time. However, we anticipate our new practical and adult life, thinking... Continue reading 

College Sports Aug201415

College sports are very important aspects in student life. Colleges and universities spend a fortune to support interest of children in sports. Many grants and scholarships are established for and a variety of competitions are hold every year in all states. Sport activities in colleges and schools are the best way to keep kids busy and fond of various sport games, popular activities and competitions. Sport activities also positively affect life of students and raise their good qualities such as... Continue reading 

College Social Life Aug201414

Entering a college, students want to have interesting social life after classes. Studying is extremely important, but these young years are the best in human life and you need to make friends or study partners; to fall in love, to go out, to date and not to feel yourself nervous and anxious. It will be not only entertaining, but it will help you to study easier, feel safe and succeed, as finally not only knowledge and skills are important, but... Continue reading