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What Does a Motivation Speech to Students Really Teach You? Sep201612

Experiences are the most valuable lessons that a person can convey or pass on to others so that they can learn from them and become better. Nowadays, you may have listened to several speeches at the commencement and graduation of colleges and universities. In these speeches, successful people share their experiences and deliver speeches to students which are supposed to motivate them on the path to success. They are supposed to make students advance in life, career and future studies.... Continue reading 

10 Phrases from Barack Obama Address Speeches at Universities That Can Be Subjected to Critique Jul201619

You might like or dislike him, but have got to admire and enjoy the sassy side of Obama. Not only is he quite active on the social media, but was a good sport about the whole “Thanks Obama” trend that prevailed on social media for months. However, when it comes to university speeches that he likes to give so much, there are some moments that can entail some criticism from your side. So, let’s have a closer look at some... Continue reading 

6 Revealing Definitions of Aptitude Tests Apr201623

Aptitude tests are designed to find out if a specific person is able to do a job or is fit for a certain position or not. They have been the bane of existence for students for years. Worrying about your SATs and having nightmares about them is a rite of passage for every student who passes through the education system. As the name suggests, these tests are required to find the aptitude and abilities of a person. But in reality, all... Continue reading 

5 Advantages of Critical Thinking… or Disadvantages? Apr201610

In some cases, critical thinking is deemed as important as breathing. Like in an interview or maybe when you are taking a test, but not always. Remember when they asked you what you wanted to be and you automatically replied, “I want to be a journalist when I grow up.” But then you really did grow up and all the innocence and positive outlook was destroyed when the realities and practicalities of life came crashing down on you. Critical thinking is... Continue reading 

9 Reasons Buying a Custom Essay is Similar to Cheating on Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Feb20164

Ever spent money on a custom term paper? Think about it, you will find that most of what was going on in your head was not laziness from studying, but you were just in a bad relationship with that college course. 1. The Spark Is Gone You know the times when your partner tells you that “we don’t do anything new anymore”? It is probably the same disdainful approach with which you look at your tasked essay. Aren’t you tired, aren’t you... Continue reading 

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? That is the question! Aug201516

Vaccination is one of those curious topics that are capable of reducing even the most soft-spoken, intelligent, friendly and downright pleasant people to mouth-frothing, murderous rage. There are no borderline cases: one either screams about world-spanning conspiracy of vaccine-producers, or laughs with derision at obscurantists who subject both their children and others to dangers that can easily be avoided. Arguments against vaccination are incredibly and amazingly diverse and range from belief in possible direct adverse effects of vaccines (which is probably... Continue reading 

Attitude towards Education in the UK: Degree is a Must Jun20152

Or not? Latest surveys show that the country’s population is far from having a unanimous opinion on the subject, with percentages varying wildly depending on region. The staunch belief in the degree as a necessity ranges from less than a 25 percent of surveyed in North East of England to more than 60 percent in Wales. Residents of Greater London, Yorkshire, Humberside and the East of England also consider having a degree to be important, with more than a half... Continue reading 

5 Reasons to Participate in Erasmus Exchange Program in 2015 May201517

Erasmus is probably the best-known student exchange program in the world, and certainly – in Europe. Coming from rather humble beginnings back in 1987, it steadily increased in popularity, and today about 9 tenths of European universities take part in it, providing its students a host of fascinating possibilities. And we think that it is high time for you to try them out. Why? Let’s see. 1. You Get a Grant Each student on Erasmus program receives financial support towards the cost... Continue reading 

Online Education Pros and Cons Feb20152

When you were a high school student, you were most probably pondering over the idea of becoming a member of college community. More than likely, you were thinking about professors, huge lecture halls and campus as well. Nonetheless, nowadays it seems like the whole educational field is moving forward up to the web-based system. Do we really need to place much stock in the cyber space? Is technology-based education really what we all are in need of? And why is... Continue reading 

Before the Startup Jan201529

Startups may be different from traditional business schemes in many respects, but one thing is exactly the same – in order to succeed, a startup founder must carefully think everything through and prepare to all eventualities. If anything, startups are even more sensitive to mistakes made at planning stage – according to statistics, vast majority of startups fail simply because their founders miscalculated the market and delivered the product or service nobody needs. Thus, if one wants to create a successful... Continue reading