School Life

10 Resourceful Ways to Make Your Paying for Graduate School Funnier Aug201629

There are people who say that money is not important or that money can’t buy you happiness. Well, it can buy you a lot of grief, especially if you are a graduate student. Paying for graduate school can become a nightmare if you are short on funds, and yes! That means saying goodbye to a decent meal or clothes and say hello to ramen and hoodies. Everyone wishes that they were rolling in money. Who wouldn’t? But getting creative to... Continue reading 

Allies or Opponents: Relationships with Classmates Nov201410

People tend to say the college years are the best ones an individual ever has in his or her entire life. It is a great time when you can meet new friends, have breath-taking love affairs, earn his degree and simply enjoy your life. To say more, the years spent in college are the so-called turn-over phase, when teens are getting ready to enter the adulthood reality. Although college years are associated with many great benefits, there are many students who... Continue reading 

The Increase of School Violence in America Aug201422

The mere fact of school violence is quite disturbing. And the constant reports from the US Department of Education and Justice, as well as from National Council on Crime and Delinquency and the Nation of Crimes, which show the rise of the school violence, do not make the truth about this phenomenon any less grim. Some facts, provided by the Department of Education reveal the horrible reality most people prefer to ignore. 5 Facts That Will Shatter Your Heart 1) An average... Continue reading