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An Essay Topic Generator: 7 Epic Fails It Can Lead You To Nov201728

Ah yes, the beauty of student life is upon you which means you’re ready to take on the pressure of maintaining school life, work life as well as a healthy social life. Welcome to adulthood! But when you’re under the tension of gaining control over yourself, there’s one thing that’s bound to take up all your energy: Essays! Nobody likes essays, the worst part is when you have to come up with a good and interesting topic using your old noggin,... Continue reading 

5 Most Insane Reasons You Think You Need Help Writing Personal Statement Nov201722

Writing your own personal statement may be one of the most difficult jobs that a student has to face right as they take a step into their adult life. But since it’s the age of technology, most students decide to completely give up on the use of their noggins and rely on technology when they need help writing a personal statement! The trouble is that, with technology, your statement loses the element of personal thought. However, when it comes... Continue reading 

The Party Scene: How an In-Crowd Life Can Provide You with High School Essay Help Nov201720

Essays are troublesome for almost everyone. No matter how simple the topic is, there’s always a chance that you’ll find difficulty in either starting it or not being able to provide the right standard. This is usually the case when you’re unable to relate to the topic and don’t worry, you’re not the only one with the problem! In this case, they search for some high school essay help. Oh, a lot of students are banging their heads on the desk... Continue reading 

4 Running Essay Starters That Will Catch Your Readers from the Very First Glance Oct201724

You don’t need us to tell you what you have already heard zillions of times in your life; first impressions are the most lasting. We will, however, enlighten you with the fact that the same rule applies to your essays. When it comes to penning down pieces of writing, you have to make sure the opening lines - the starter of the essay or the introduction - is gripping. The beginning of the essay sets the tone for readers, and... Continue reading 

Essay Help 123: How NOT to Get in a Right Pickle Oct201722

You know what is worse than being handed an ‘F’ graded essay by your professor? It is paying actual money, to have this paper written. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on something, you have to make sure you are to get something good in return. The same rule applies to Essay Help 123. Contrary to how easy it seems, getting help from an essay writing service does not mean you hand them the order along with... Continue reading 

Divide and Rule: How to Craft an Essay Cover Page Using Different Formats Oct201718

No matter how many times we have been told not to judge a book by its cover, we still always do it. We are humans, after all, and have an indefinite penchant for everything beautiful, artistic, colorful, and glittery. And as shocking as it may sound, your college professors are the same. And that is the reason why you need to lure them into giving you good grades with the help of some eye candy, which, in this case, will... Continue reading 

5 Tоp 18+ Thesis Jоkes in Аcаdemic Field Оnly Engineer Victims Cаn Understаnd Oct20177

Engineering students аre а speciаl grоup оf yоung peоple with their peculiаr hаbits, mentаlity, аnd, оf cоurse, jоkes. Nо оne knоws whаt the reаsоn оf their specific nаture is: mаybe it’s the lаck оf sleep, prоspects оf unemplоyed future оr оnly 20% оf girls enrоlling into this mаjоr. Аnywаy, there аre legends аbоut their student life, аnd when they meet оut there in the nоrmаl sоciety, they lооk аt it eаch оther аs if they shаre secrets nоbоdy else knоws... Continue reading 

Five 18+ Tools for Creative Thinking: Improve Essential Skills beyond the College Walls Sep201715

So, you need to improve your creative thinking in order to boost your studies, move higher on your career ladder, impress your girlfriend/boyfriend, etc. Whatever purpose you have, we bet that you have already surfed through the Internet and found nothing except for boring online courses, coaches or guides. But we have something better for you – five 18+ tools for creative thinking that will heat up your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. Read “50 Shades of Grey” The book... Continue reading 

6 Words with Dirty Meanings You Use in Your Title for Research Paper Sample Sep201713

It’s sometimes overwhelming how diverse the English language can be. Of course, you know that some words may have dozens of similar or completely different meanings, but admit that you don’t think about it much when you’re writing an academic paper. You try to use sophisticated language and complex grammar constructions because that is what the style requires. But after reading this article, your life will never be the same because you’ll find out that some words that you often... Continue reading 

7 NOT Really Academic Tips to Help You Create a Top Essay Sep201711

We all know how difficult it is to force oneself to write an essay. If you get a writing assignment, you postpone it as much as you can, always look for easier ways to complete it and seek additional help from other people. But it’s not something you need to be ashamed of. In fact, everybody does this because, you know, academic writing is not the most interesting activity in the world, and your young mind isn’t able to focus... Continue reading