How to Be a Whizz Drone: 20 Funny Demonstrative Speech Topics to Teach Freshies Survive in College

Why use humor in something like a demonstrative speech? Well, there are a lot of reasons for that:

  • You connect with people better;
  • The audience actually listens to what you say;
  • It is easier to explain complicated things;
  • Humor is a good ice-breaker.

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And what is a demonstrative speech itself? It is a form of public presentation where you have to explain how something works or how to do a certain task. And now add a bit of fun to that, and voila – a cool presentation, attention from listeners and a decent grade are secured for you.


If you can’t put that in your head right now, we will provide you with 20 funny demonstrative speech topics to see how this academic assignment can be paired up with humor.

  1. How to Get Rid of a Nosy Boss
  2. Tips for Planning a Plan for Planning Your Writing Assignment
  3. How to Nail a Rude Customer Support Agent
  4. How to Have Fun with Your Dog
  5. What to Wear for the Next Halloween Party
  6. christina ricci wednesday addams

  7. How to Win the America’s Got Talent Contest
  8. What to Say If You Didn’t Bring Your Homework
  9. How to Watch Horror Films If You’re Super Frightened
  10. A Day in My Life When Everything Went Wrong
  11. How to Have Fun During an Exam
  12. stiles stilinski

  13. How to Take Care of the Car That You Don’t Have
  14. What to Mix in an Alcohol-Free Cocktail That You Can Take to Your Classes
  15. How to Manage Disciplines That You Don’t Really Like, but Have to Study for Because of the GPA
  16. How to Find an Odd Summer Job so That You Could Tell about It for Years
  17. How to Stay Fit without Doing Anything
  18. boy

  19. How to Wake up After a Crazy Student Party
  20. A List of Jokes for Your First Day at Work and How to Use Them in Practice
  21. How to Eat Pizza and Sweets after Midnight without Self-Reproach
  22. How to Listen to Music During Classes so That Your Prof Doesn’t Catch You
  23. How to Get a Girlfriend/Boyfriend While You’re Still a Freshman

friends how you doin

As you can see, it is quite possible to choose a funny topic for a demonstrative speech. This way you won’t need to make up any special tricks to make people laugh because you will talk about something funny. Moreover, it will be much easier to crack jokes throughout the whole presentation when you try to tell people to do something like skipping classes without being punished.

Look through our topics, choose the one that makes you chuckle at once and start working on your demonstrative speech. You’ll be surprised how pleasant it is to write something that will make people smile.

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