Top 5 Videos of Funny School Speeches Supposed to Lead You to Present a Hot Talk

Did you know that we chuckle 30 times more when we are with our friends or just in a company with other people? Well, that’s really true because laughter and giggles are contagious. And have you had any idea that laughing also assists your body in fighting diseases? That certainly will make you smile more.

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But what does this have to do with school and your academic assignments? You can easily add fun and humor to your essays and speeches just to make them more amusing and, as it appears, make people healthier. As you can see, there are only advantages – it will much more interesting to complete an assignment that is humorous, and simpler to present it in front of the audience as laughter is a good means to break the ice.

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Let’s watch some videos of funny school speeches that will prove our theory and help see everything applied in practice.

  1. Hot Dogs Are Dangerous!
  2. This guy uses a funny topic to talk about serious issues like low quality of sausages, harmful additives, and possible consequences. It is interesting to listen to it, the funny component doesn’t diminish the importance of the topic and the speaker promotes a healthy lifestyle. He uses great comparisons and hilarious comments, but also maintains the structure of the speech and certainly gets some chuckles.

  3. Two Cars, Two Cars, and Two Girlfriends
  4. The student clearly has no problems with a creative approach. We can suppose that the topic wasn’t his own choice but one assigned by a professor. However, that didn’t prevent him from creating a hilarious speech with the elements of serious issues and, at the same time, absurd statements (dinosaurs eat terrorists?).

  5. Vikings Rock!
  6. Running for the President of a senior class is significant because it can influence the grades, reputation and characteristic for the university. And this candidate nailed the task to the maximum (we hope he eventually got elected). He doesn’t lack self-confidence, is honest about how smart he is and tells people about his interests (Vikings are cool!). What else do you need to win the elections?

  7. Bees Are Scary
  8. Using your acting skills and visualize some elements of your speech is also a great idea. You may seem comic, but if you want your speech to be funny, that’s exactly what you need. Imitating a bee? Checked. Drawing funny pictures to demonstrate your examples? Checked. Showing the technique of how bees fly? Double checked!

  9. Real Gangsta!
  10. Real gangstas know how to dress, how to talk and which accessories to wear. And this student proved himself to be a real gangsta – a T-shirt that goes down below knees, a chain with a dollar sign (who cares that it’s made of foil?) and a hood. Can this kind of speech be even more authentic?

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Still wanna create a funny speech for your class? Look into these examples and get inspired! Something hilarious will certainly come out of it ☺

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