My Last Day at College

last day at collegeIt’s a very exciting and a bittersweet day. The last day at college is full of speeches, farewells and memories. Four years at college are over and now we are Bachelors. We recollect our college memories, successes and failures, meeting good friends, spending much time in the library, studying hard and enjoying all-right parties. Of course, I feel nervous, excited, a little bit sorrowfully and gladsome at the same time. However, we anticipate our new practical and adult life, thinking about our plans to enter the University, improve our knowledge in major fields. We are looking forward to making new friends, falling in love and leading an independent life.

Last College Day Celebration

All of the lessons, trainings, examinations, classes and seminars are over. It’s only the time for last speeches, expressing regret and gratitude, spending last hours together, celebrating this prominent event and saying goodbye to each other. The professor delivered his last lecture that was devoted to critical thinking skills and ability to generate innovative ideas. We listened carefully, feeling very emotionally and nearly lost in our thoughts. Then we participated in solemn diploma ceremony that was very official, with orchestra and multiple speeches. Students thanked teachers and apologized to them for mistakes and rude behavior. Teachers reminded about funny incidents at the lessons, our first progress in science and wished us success and a good career. All of us looked seriously in our graduation hats and robes. We have taken a lot of photographs in order to memorize this day and ceremony in detail.

Graduation Party

After the ceremony we had a farewell party. We dropped into the campus to change our clothes and looked quite different now. Most of us wore jeans, T-shorts and running shoes. The weather was fine; it was a sunny May day; and we went to the picnic. It was a really great event! All of us were glorious, in good spirit, alert with hope for the future and glad to spend some time together. The dinner was just casual and simple: we had only pre-bagged meals, such as bread, eggs, juice, sausage, fruits, vegetables and desserts. However, it was not important, because the atmosphere was great. We danced on the lawn and sang some of our favorite songs. We had so much fun! We had such a great time together, enjoying outdoor games, music and incredible weather. But the most important for me was to spend this time with my near friends, to hug them and to talk to them. And we also recalled our college time.

College Memories

I remember the day I arrived to the campus. I felt a little bit uneasy and proud because of the beginning of my new adult life. Studying was not a piece of cake at the beginning. I spent several hours a day at the library, but then made some progress and learned to take new information faster. I remember the days when I met my friends, Anna and Sophia, the parties we had at the weekends, our secrets, first love and dates…There is a lot of things to remember. Now this happy and interesting time is over and I am facing a new period of life.

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