Leaving Speech Example

A leaving or farewell speech is an address that is given by a person for the colleagues, friends, business partners at the moment of departure from a place where this person used to stay for a long time. A leaving speech example may take place due to the variety of reasons: changing the place of residence, application for a new job, or graduation from a school. The purpose to have a leaving speech implies the emphasis of moments spent, gratitude to those who shared a common time, and telling plans of a future life.

baggageMy dear colleagues,
It is regrettable to realize, but it was my final day working in such an excellent company and with such a team, in particular. Throughout all spent years with you, I could always count on your reliable support, and I greatly improved my counseling skills. Even despite the fact that I will continue my career in the same splendid city of Houston, I will miss you.

Definitely, the decision to change working environment was enormously difficult. Nevertheless, after a continuous thinking, I made my choice in the favor of a rapid professional development, which my new place of occupation could offer. I am sure that you can understand this and be happy for me. And it greatly helps me to reconcile with parting.

Certainly, it would be an ugly act to leave you without saying how grateful I am for your significant aid during my work here. Specifically, I want to express my biggest thanks to my first supervisor Natalie Berkman who, despite my low quick-wittedness, had spent a lot of non-working time to explain me basics of an effective performance as a consultant. In addition, I want to thank the official of the Workflow Department Samon Riggs. I can confidently state that without his outstanding skills of the document analysis, I would definitely stay as a junior consultant for all 5 years of my work in this company. And in the end, I cannot skip our beloved full-time driver Jimmy Sparks who always demonstrated punctuality and brought me to meetings in time. With such great people, work brings only pleasure.

Even though I am changing the place of occupation, I am not going to end our communication completely. In fact, all of you can still find me living at the same address, and I will be always happy to have you as guests. Moreover, my phone number and accounts in social networks will also remain same. I want to really believe that I extremely appreciate the time we spent together, and I hope that you will remember me as a hearty and pleasant person. Due to that, you can feel free to invite me to any informal event related to the life of your company. I swear that I will do my best to attend it. Here it is, I must go. Just remember, guys, that I will be always opened for communications with you regardless any circumstances and weather conditions.

Keep a good mood and great luck!

Sincerely yours,


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