Maid of Honor Speech Examples for Sister

Maid of honor speech example for sister is a text serving the purpose of expression of the feelings about the new family which is about to start the new journey in life. It is both the honor and the responsibility that has to be taken seriously. Moreover, it is necessary to use proper lexis and grammar to stress out the most important moments of relationships between the sisters. The maid of honor speech is basically a toast which aimed to disclose positive memories about the bride to friends and family. The exemplary maid of honor speech sample supposed to help to structure the possible ideas and memories into the well-organized text that will be appropriate for such pleasant and memorable occasion.

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“Dear guests,

The bride and I have known each other for the whole life. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jane, and my sister today is the happiest woman in the world because she has tightened the family knot with the man of her dreams.

You have probably noticed how bright and warm this room became when she smiles at me. She had this habit since we were kids. Whenever it was raining outside or dark thoughts have burdened my mind she always knew what and when to say to brighten up my life, and bring joy to the people around her. I also remember when we were little and I hurt my knee, she told me a joke and instead of crying I was laughing and slowly forgetting about my pain.

Her ability or a gift has become a magnet that attracted her husband right on the day when they first met each other. I remember it as if it was yesterday. She was shining like a sun when she got back from their first date. Even though it was raining for the whole day, it did not stop her from going out with the guy. That is how we all knew – she met him, the one and the only. And the groom did not disappoint us at any point. As a sister, I have been rather cautious towards Mark. However, he has convinced me being one of the most positive, honest, and open-minded people I know. For that reason I am sure that no one but Mark is able to care for my sister, to love her, and always keep her as happy as she is now.

Today is indeed a memorable and emotional day for us all that is why I would like to wish that your family life was a full cup and your love would grow stronger every day. I believe that when people love each other, nothing can keep them apart because love is friendship filled with loyalty through good and bad times, and settles for less than perfection. It creates allowances for human weaknesses bringing two souls together. So let your deep soulful union stay closely connected for a lifetime.

Cheers to the happy couple!”

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