Staff Performance Report Sample

Staff performance report is the type of the business memo that serves as the basic tool of communication between the management and the quality assurance departments, which attempts at the determination of the personnel’s attainments and drawbacks at the definite stage of the development. As a result, the final aim of this document is the realization of the problematic spots on the employees’ overall performance that should be improved further and, correspondingly, the design of the strategies to proceed with the amelioration task. The staff performance sample below provides the variant of how such feedback may look like in the professional setting.

 home and auto insuranceDear Quality Assurance Department,

This is the annual staff performance report that evaluates our company’s achievement for 2016 year and marks the directions for the further progress.

Work product. In comparison with 2015, the quantity of the signed insurance contracts with the judicial and private persons has raised for 6 percent. Meanwhile, the quality of the legal procedure has significantly augmented, what is supported by the reduced time indices spent on the duration of the business appointment, the well-set mechanism of the documents preparation, and the ultimate conclusion of a contract. This entails that both managers and workers have demonstrated the high level of accuracy and productivity during the previous season.

Dependability. The ability to meet the defined deadlines confirms the staff’s involvement in their direct work responsibilities with the less time devoted to the out-of-the-work activities. This confirms the efficacy of the policy to restrict the workers’ access to the social networks (except for the breaks hours). At the same time, among 50 members of the company, 4 employees are repeatedly noticed to violate the discipline by going late for work whereas 8 workers do it on the irregular basis. As a result, this calls for the need to define the fixed fine ($5 and $10) to be imposed on the both categories of the wrongdoers correspondingly.

Cooperativeness. The recent survey conducted by the HR Department reveal that 67 percent of workers find the work microclimate close to their demands and expectations whereas 26 percent consider it quite satisfactory and 7 percent – suppressive. Though the part of the discontent employers is rather low, the implementation of the team-building activities seems quite appropriate to reestablish the balance among the staff members and unite them together.

Adaptability. According to the latest polling findings conducted among the managers, the workers manifest the average adjustment to the new alterations in the daily operation. For this aim, it is required to modify the way the employees are informed about the new changes: the written communication should be preserved for the slightest policy renewals while the oral channel should prevail for the major innovations, which should be discussed with the staff more personally.

Service to clients. The statistics gathered on our official website as well as the feedback from the social networks give the ground to conclude that the level of the customers’ satisfaction with the judicial aid provided has increased by 11 percent, what elicits pride for our common efforts. Simultaneously, this aspect requires the further elaboration in the form of the clients’ inquiry.

We are waiting for your unanimous decision on the strategies for the improvement of the staff performance and hope to get the first draft of the next plan in a week.

Best Regards,

The Management Department

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