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Charles Beckman is a college student studying Psychology, who struggles with writing difficulties and feels a bit skeptical about the education system. Charles likes all sorts of challenges and adores Steve Jobs.

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5 Topics for Assignment on Math That Do NOT Really Concern Math Sep20179

It’s a fact that some people just don’t like Math, or can’t be good at it, or just feel neutral about it. But it happens so that this discipline is often listed as a compulsory subject to study at schools, colleges (at certain courses), etc. And in any case, Mathematics is very important in your life because it teaches you to do some basic calculations that you certainly can’t get by without. However, if you are not fond of Math, but... Continue reading 

How to Spend Spare Time Wisely or 6 Service Projects for Teens in Summer Time Aug201722

It is always a good idea to give back to the community that helped you become a person you are today. The world would simply be better off if we start performing more acts of selflessness. Those students who do want to serve the community end up feeling overwhelmed with the number of options and it suddenly seems like a daunting task to perform acts of charity. We have come up with 6 ways you can help the community while still... Continue reading 

4 Organizational Rules to Manage the First Date and Make up Sections of Research Paper Aug201720

How can a high school nerd keep a healthy balance between maintaining a good overall GPA and holding onto their date? Nerds aren’t known for excellent social skills, struggling too hard to keep up their pace with the requirements of their assignments and other research papers. All of this often ends up hurting their personal relations. All of this pays off in the long run and they manage to graduate with flying colors and bag high paying jobs, but they... Continue reading 

How to Earn up to $300 on School Tutoring While Being a College Student Aug201718

Most students depend on their parents for their monthly incomes and don’t become independent until well after their graduation when they finally secure jobs. There are always ways to earn extra cash without grinding yourself too much – if you’re up for a little hard work. A job on the side not only helps you wean off your parent’s money but it also gives you some real-world experience that you can actually cite in your CV to impress prospective employers.... Continue reading 

6 Similarities between Choosing the Best Editing Service and a Nightclub Jul20175

You must be wondering how the standards for choosing an editing service and a nightclub can be the same. One can make your career and the other can ruin it. One is all academic while the other is also academic but in an entirely different way. One is no fun at all, and the other is synonymous with the word ‘fun’. Strangely enough, despite all these differences when we approach our smartphones to get some tips on finding the... Continue reading 

10 Gifs That Will Help You Understand How the Best Dissertation Looks Like Jul20173

A dissertation is one of the most important pieces of writing for students, not because it makes up a huge part of their grades but also because it can be their funnel to a postgraduate degree. This very same dissertation can be under inspection by a number of professors with whom you would wish to study or acquire a scholarship in future. Let’s see those 10 characteristics that definitely make a dissertation one of the best: Interesting A dissertation is literally nothing... Continue reading 

How to Write a Report Paper on Fifty Shades Of Grey: Do’s And Don’ts Jun201716

As soon as you put on your student shoes and take the first step into your academic life, be prepared to face loads of book reviews. In case you don’t know how to write a report paper, take the smart route and learn to write one beforehand. We assure you that you will never regret the time you will spend on it. Matter of fact, we are here to help you write one. Most people are under the impression that... Continue reading 

6 Gifs on How to Write a Research Paper: Step by Step Picture Guide Jun201716

Phew! Finally, it is all going to get over soon. You are on the final step — the thesis — and then you will only be partying (for some time though). You may be happy about that, but for now, you need to be ready to form research ideas and pull your hair out while spending time working hard on your paper. From the seed of an idea to finally writing it, the entire dissertation may take several months. Working... Continue reading 

Graduate Paper Go: Catch Your 100-Point Masterpiece Jun20174

Being a student really is a contradiction. We want to ace our exams without studying, we want to be acclaimed students without participating, and we wish to complete our college years without attending classes. And yet, the biggest paradox is that students want to create an exemplary graduate paper without any researching. But we’ll let the last one slide because as far as ironies go, this isn’t the most ludicrous one. Being young and wild, it’s a wonder how students... Continue reading 

7 Crazy Breaks to Take While Editing Papers to Get More Inspired Jun20172

A college student might have been done with the paper but sadly, that’s not the last they have seen of it. All the long hours they spent on researching for the paper, forming ideas and then, writing them all down will be for nothing if it is not edited at the end. So, even if you are running out of patience and are ready to pull your hair off due to the sheer amount of boredom and monotony the paper... Continue reading