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Scholarship essay help should be fast. Many students who are looking for writing assistance take this as a given. We are aware of the fact that students often need urgent help with their assignments and can't afford to wait long for their orders. And this goes double for scholarship essays. That’s why our writers are ready to jump to it, the moment you place your order. They do everything in their power to deliver your order by the deadline. Due to this singular focus, they are able to deliver 98% of all orders on time, giving you the time you need to review your essay and be sure it meets your expectations.

At the same time, we understand that quality and originality are equally important. Our company is not about compromising quality in the name of speed. We strive to balance quick delivery and absolute adherence to academic writing standards. That’s why, with us, you’ll get a well-structured essay with insightful and appealing information that will help you create your own masterpiece and stand out from the rest.

Our guarantees

Money-back guarantee

Contact our support team if something goes wrong and you need a refund.

Multiple revisions

If your essay needs some improvement to become flawless, ask your writer for free revisions.

Terms and conditions

Using our service is safer than hiring a freelance writer because we have comprehensive, customer-focused terms and conditions.

Original content

Our scholarship essay writers start working on every order from scratch and deliver only plagiarism-free essays.

Privacy policy

We ask you only for the essential personal information to create an account for you.

Confidentiality guarantee

Your writer won’t know your personal information unless you directly disclose it to them.

Collaborate with an experienced scholarship essay writer

We know that when a client comes to us, they want to be helped by an experienced and skilled scholarship writer. The persuasiveness of an essay entirely depends on the qualifications of the expert. That’s why we are highly selective about who we hire.

Every applicant who wishes to become a part of our team has to pass several writing tests. If they succeed, then they get a test order to further demonstrate their skills. We need to make sure that the writer we collaborate with can deliver a quality order quickly.

Write my scholarship essay for me: 4 easy steps

Don't hesitate to place your order and get assistance from our talented scholarship writers. The faster you do it, the faster you’ll get your flawless essay. Here's how:

  1. Tell us what you need. Go to our order form and fill it out. Provide our writers with all the necessary information about your scholarship essay. Include any additional requirements and guidelines you want in your scholarship essay to ensure you get exactly what you need.
  2. Pay for your essay. Deposit money in your account. We will register your order in our system and start looking for the most suitable writer to assist you.
  3. Control the process. Contact your writer whenever you want to make suggestions or updates. You can also send them additional materials that you forgot to include in your order form.
  4. Receive your essay. Receive and review your essay. If you want your writer make any changes, ask them for free revisions. When your essay looks perfect, download it and leave a review about our scholarship essay writing services to help others determine if our service is right for them.
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Here's how our writers can help you

We have a quality control system that helps us achieve the best possible results. Our managers regularly check recently completed orders and search for any deficiencies. This helps us to ensure that we deliver high-quality scholarship essay writing help at Our writers thoroughly follow your instructions to bring you a memorable piece. It can serve as a source of inspiration for you to craft your own outstanding essay and get the necessary financial aid you need to pursue your dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you write my scholarship essay for me?

Our writers are ready to quickly assist you when you need a scholarship essay fast. They can even deliver your order within 4 hours if necessary depending on your requirements. Our team does everything they can to meet your expectations in terms of speed and quality of writing.

Can I request collaboration with a specific writer?

Yes, it's possible. Our clients often request collaboration with the scholarship writers for hire they have worked with before. This option increases the probability of getting the essay you envision, as you already know what to expect from the writer.

What can I do if I don't like the essay I got?

If you think that your essay needs improvements, take advantage of free revisions. Ask your writer to make the necessary changes, and they’ll do it post haste. If there are still some issues and you need help from our support team, do not hesitate to contact them.

How much does it cost to order a scholarship essay here?

Our company has a flexible and transparent pricing system. You can see all the factors that impact the final cost of your order when filling out an order form. Usually, the price depends on the word count, complexity, and deadline of your essay. Therefore, you can easily adjust the price by changing these parameters.

What to do to maximize the results from using our service

If you want to experience all the benefits of using our scholarship essay writing service, here are some tips on how to do it.

Place orders in advance. There are two important reasons for placing your orders as early as possible. The first one is that it is a great chance to pay a lower price for your essay. The more time our writers have to work on your essay, the lower the price is going to be. The second reason is having enough time for revisions. Even though our experts try to make changes as fast as possible, the editing process takes some time. As a rule, scholarship programs have strict deadlines, so you’re going to want to have some extra time in your schedule to avoid stress.

Ensure you have all the essay's requirements. Before you start filling out an order form, make sure you have carefully read and understood all the scholarship program's requirements. Double-check the topic of your essay and its required length. If you are unsure about some points, reach out to someone who can answer your questions. For instance, you can write an email to the program's support team and ask for scholarship essay help.

Communicate with your writer. At, you can communicate with your assistant directly. Use this option to ask them questions about its progress and make any suggestions. You can send them relevant materials that will help them create a personalized piece. Remember that different scholarship programs have different guidelines for writing personal essays. Make sure to include them in the description of your order.

We will help you overcome all kinds of writing difficulties

Our team will ensure you get the best possible scholarship essay writing help. Writing an essay about your accomplishments and talents can be challenging, but we will help you overcome them with ease. Here's how.

Brainstorming a unique topic. Scholarship essays often deal with common themes like overcoming past challenges or thinking about future goals. It can be challenging to stand out in a sea of applicants. Our writers have created hundreds of essays. They know that it's better to choose a specific experience that reveals an applicant's strengths and passions. Most importantly, they know what words to use to describe such an experience vividly and appealingly.

Crafting a compelling narrative. Essays need to go beyond just listing experiences. You need to weave a story that engages the reader and showcases your personality. Our writers know that saying that you are a hard worker is not enough. You need to include a specific example of a time you overcame a challenge through hard work. It is also crucial to list the life lessons you've learned after that experience.

Answering the prompt exactly. It's tempting to write about a generic experience, but scholarship committees want to see how you directly address their specific question. You can find many samples of scholarship essays online and borrow some ideas from them. However, writing about someone else's experience will not help you stand out. Writing about your genuine passions and challenges is a lot more valuable. Also, our experts always create detailed outlines when writing essays. This approach helps them remember all the important points and maintain a smooth flow of ideas.

Staying within word count limits. Some students think that the longer their essays are, the better. They think the committee will then see their dedication and choose them. However, concise writing is key. You want to convey a lot of information without being wordy. So every word should make a difference. Our talented writers know all about communicating important messages while using a limited number of words.

No need to stress out when you can get help from qualified writers

There are plenty of reasons why someone might stress out when writing a scholarship essay. Scholarships can make all the difference when it comes to affording college. The fear of missing out on this financial support can be a major stress factor. And scholarship programs typically have lots of applicants. Only some of them are going to be awarded scholarships. The stakes are high, and you want to do everything to let the committee know why you are the ideal candidate.

No wonder many students are under a lot of pressure. The desire for an essay to be perfect can lead to writer's block and immobility. Being aware that you could be rejected after pouring time and effort into an essay can be a huge emotional burden. That is why our scholarship essay writing service is here to lighten the load. We can help guide you through this challenging period. Here's what you get from collaborating with us:

  • You spend less time on writing. We will be glad to help you gather the necessary information, structure it, and make sure your essay is error-free. As we all know, researching, drafting, editing, and proofreading are time-consuming processes.
  • You can be sure you’ll get a stellar essay sample. You don't need to worry about your essay being of poor quality, as our team has over 15 years of experience helping students cope with their writing assignments. Also, you don't need to worry about plagiarism issues. We carefully check the content we deliver for originality.
  • You boost your writing skills. You can borrow some effective writing techniques from our experts for your future writing assignments. You become a better writer while learning from the best.
  • You feel more relaxed. If you feel insecure about your writing abilities, let our gurus give you the support you need. Sometimes, a little reassurance from a more experienced writer can make a huge difference.