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Charles Beckman is a college student studying Psychology, who struggles with writing difficulties and feels a bit skeptical about the education system. Charles likes all sorts of challenges and adores Steve Jobs.

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20 ‘Grown-up’ Environmental Science Research Paper Topics to Impress the Audience for Sure May201731

Writing papers in college is a great deal different than writing one in high school. Firstly, it has to acknowledge issues that are of a significantly advanced level and then, it must be of an avant-garde nature, discussing matters that have yet to be recognized by fellow peers. When sophisticated writing styles and futuristic themes pair up, it creates not only remarkable results but even amazing grades. And as an additional benefit, when your research topic is the best in... Continue reading 

How Writing Helps People Get from Worst to First May201725

Just like an unknown sage said, “There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory!” The same goes for the college students. when we are in the very first semester of our college life, nothing in the world seems more challenging and exigent than our first writing assignment and even after hours and days of struggle, it doesn’t really come back with exceptional grades (for a majority of us). However, that isn’t to say that it... Continue reading 

5 Golden Rules How to Write a Paper Presentation that Rocks May201724

It’s one thing to write your research and submit it to the professors, but it’s an entirely another story to actually convey what you have written in front of the whole class with expertise and proficiency. For many people, it is one of the most frightening things and the bane of their existence during the college life. But then again, a few things in college are actually fun and merriment, especially when academia and professors are involved. On... Continue reading 

Astrology Can Also Be Fun! 20 Humorous Essay Topics to Dwell upon May201723

Believe it or not, Astrology has always been thought of as something that directly affects human lives. Moreover, as something so mainstream, it’s important that young and old understand the implications behind it and how the whole phenomenon even works. Knowing about something and having faith in it are two different things, and being a college student, it becomes necessary to open your mind to the former. When students expand their insights and broaden their minds to different information and... Continue reading 

How Food Presentation Skills Help to Be Well-Versed in College Paper Writing May201719

Actions speak louder than words, but when you are writing, it is your creativity that speaks the loudest. Being creative is not an option, no matter what you are doing. That is why each one of us is born with creative genes, we just need to learn to tap into the supply. Creativeness in writing adorns your essays and papers, just like creative food presentation attracts every passing foodie. Matter of fact, there is an uncanny resemblance between the two... Continue reading 

Turn Sound off: What Can Betray You at Online Assignment Writing Websites May201718

Not all of us are James Bond or Jason Bourne; we are just poor frightened students who are trying to be really careful when ordering papers online. It is not only teachers that we have to worry about; we have to be careful around everyone to avoid getting caught. There are family members who can catch us, roommates who can be on to us, classmates who might see us being too shady or just a random person who is... Continue reading 

5 ‘Boo’ Products to Eat When You Need Essay Written for Yesterday May201717

Healthy eating and healthy habits are all the rage for this century and students are not safe from it either. There is always a classmate, a roommate, or someone in the dorm rooms who is all about fruit, vegetables, baked goodness and fresh natural drinks. And these people always trigger this guilty feeling that forces us to question our lifestyle choices. Comically enough, this feeling flees as fast as it has appeared and we are back on junk food that... Continue reading 

4 Top Apps to Make Certain That You Get Non-Plagiarized Research Papers May201716

One of the most stupid mistakes we can make as students is to try to fool our teachers. On the one hand, these teachers have been students as well at some point, and on the other hand, they are far cleverer and sharper than we are to fall into our sneaky traps. Knowing all this, we still make one of the most common mistakes when writing papers - try to plagiarize. Remember that teachers also live in the same century... Continue reading 

5 Lovey-Dovey Novel Writing Techniques That You Should Idolize May201715

Everyone adores good love stories. Even the most unromantic people, as well as self-proclaimed practical living beings, can be found weeping in quiet corners, over someone else’s happy life. Some students are actually brave enough to venture that far when writing their research papers and use some lovey-dovey writing technique to woo their readers. Remember that an essay doesn’t only have to be informative and opinioned; it should also be interesting enough to be called a creative piece of writing... Continue reading 

How to Write My History Essay Thumbing My Gadget in Bed Apr20175

I need help figuring out what to write my history essay on! Sound familiar? Trying to find great historical information for essay can be a real challenge. However, do you know that you can find all the needed information with the help of your fingertips? Thanks to social media and mobile access, you can easily learn a lot of interesting history facts from Instagram! Here are some pages that are worthy to visit. passion_history_military This page is more so for visual learning.... Continue reading