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Digital Libraries vs. Traditional Librarie Jan201515

The idea of digital libraries once replacing the traditional ones has been around since the very dawn of the digital age. Isn’t it more convenient and efficient to keep books in electronic format than to stick to old-fashioned physical libraries with their shelves, repositories and maddeningly complex filing systems? However, despite great breakthroughs in this sphere, traditional libraries are still around, although they don’t shy away from implementing some of the novelties into their structure. Why is it so? Is... Continue reading 

Parents’ Riot: Too Much Testing Jan201512

Testing as a part of school curriculum is a curious thing: it seems to be universally hated by students, teachers and parents, constantly gets criticized as inefficient, time-consuming and mentally frustrating, but somehow manages to strengthen its positions throughout the United States. What started as an initiative to create a simple way of assessing students’ progress so that ‘no child is left behind’ evolved into an enormous state-mandated behemoth. Florida, for example, increased the amount of time and effort spent on testing... Continue reading 

Democracy versus Communism Oct20146

It is often said by the proponents of communism that democracy vs. communism dichotomy is an incorrect one, because democracy is a form of government as opposed to totalitarianism or authoritarianism, and communism is a socioeconomic ideology, as opposed to capitalism. Their basic principles, they continue, are more or less the same and can be boiled down to the expression “power to the people” – therefore, they state that any truly communist state is by definition a completely democratic one. This,... Continue reading 

Can Sports Improve Writing? Of course It Can Sep201428

For some people, sports, and participation in sports is a way to exercise, maintain healthy body weight, and get rid of stress. Sports promote active and healthy lifestyle. The variety of sports people can participate in is enormous. There are both individual and team sports, and each carries certain advantages. Now, we mentioned sport is an exercise for the body, but it is one for the mind as well. Participating in sports can be beneficial for our mind as well, teach... Continue reading 

Is it Really Impossible for Extroverts to be Successful in Writing? Sep201426

The reality and common sense is that introverts excel in writing. While there are many more introverts in the writing business than there are extroverts, the latter can be good in writing as well. Movies, books and theater shows also always display writers as introverts, people who prefer solitude, living in seclusion, away from the eyes of the public. The difference between an extrovert and an introvert The simple definition is that extroverts get their energy by being around other people, while... Continue reading