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Tinder and Your Skills of Communication: How to Find Your Date the Right Way Jan201727

Most people consider the Tinder app as a tool to get a one-night date and so far. Some of you may think that there is nothing difficult to find a decent date, but is that really so? With the help of the right skills of communication, you can find out more about the person than the first impression, as well as the person, you are talking to, can find out how great you are. Photographs There are tons of photographs, which you can... Continue reading 

Divide and Rule: 6 Benefits of Self-Employed Jobs Jan201719

College is probably the best time to learn about where you really want your life to go. Anyone who says that he/she has figured it out in the high school is dreaming about making it successful on America’s Got Talent. We are not saying that you are not able to reach this particular dream, but do you know that you can make it successful on your own, purely due to your terms and your preferences? Self-employment is awesome, haven’t you dreamed... Continue reading 

6 Nasty Ways to Spoil Your Research Presentation Example Oct20163

Ever wondered about taking revenge on the Anglo-Saxon attitude exhibited by your college faculty when they just used to pile on assignments on you? Still remember that moment when your professor failed you for giving an answer that you thought was best rather than it being an actual fit? Well, it is your turn now to take revenge on your academic nadirs with your research presentation example approaching soon. Follow this list and spectacle at the caterwauling of your teachers... Continue reading 

7 Unexpected Money Making Tips That You Would Want To Use Right Now Sep201612

Being a college student, you might have faced times when you are short of cash and there’s a party you need to attend the very next day. You need to buy yourself a decent dress/suit too, but you’re broke. Worry not, here are some splendid money making options that every student can use right now: 1. Spend More than 8 Hours a Day on Facebook Why just 8 hours when you could do better by spending more (who needs beauty sleep... Continue reading 

How Research Paper Writing Skills Will Help You Find an Older Boyfriend/ Girlfriend Sep201612

Research paper writing skills are not easily mastered, with all the time invested in the excruciatingly painful tasks of research leaves you in a state where you are hardly aware of what’s going on in your life. However, the painstaking task never goes in vain since you come out to be a student with polished communication skills, critical thinking abilities and get a good grip on language. Research paper writing also helps with better business skills in terms of communication... Continue reading 

How a PM Certificate Will Help You in Everyday Life Aug201629

Your project management certification may have not landed you the manager’s position at a prestigious firm, however, that is certainly not the end of the world. You do not have experience, but you do possess some smart skills after having completed your course. Your PM certificate for which you’ve spent days with numb mind and bloodshot eyes in classes might pay you in certain different ways: Communication Do you wish to tell your classmates how annoying and irksome they could get?... Continue reading 

5 Drastic Factors You Should Consider before Reading Movie Reviews Online Aug201629

It is very normal to go through movie reviews before buying the tickets. But what if the movie reviews available on websites area are not what you imagine? The next time you click on the movie reviews online, keep in mind that they can contain: Nasty Spoilers Just imagine writing a movie review. Yes you would be itching to spill the beans no matter how much you stop yourself. That is exactly what happens there, on that site where you’re just... Continue reading 

7 Dangers Awaiting You While Preparing PowerPoint Presentations Aug201629

Students must be well aware of the fact that there is a dire need for a term to be coined, ‘Pre-PowerPoint Presentation Jitters’. A term, which takes into consideration the irony it brings and the insomnia that disturbs the ritual of beauty sleep for everyone, has to be understood by the brutal world. Because, preparing PowerPoint presentations could be dangerous in so many ways. And all those slides you prepare might as well slay your happiness; here is how it... Continue reading 

Want to Become the Best Child in the World? 10 Unique Mother Day Presents Will Make It Possible Jul201620

If you are like any other college student, then coming up with a lot of money for an impressive Mother’s Day presents can be impossible. Don’t worry, we will not leave you in hot waters. We have pooled our creative resources to bring to you the most affordable (but equally impressive) Mother Day presents that will not only wow your mother, but will establish your place in the household as her favorite, which was your goal from the start wasn’t... Continue reading 

10 Most Affordable Colleges in the US to Build Your Future Jul201619

Life offers you endless possibilities, and with them monstrous responsibilities like mortgages, taxes and loans. However, there is one thing that you can avoid if you choose to study in the following most affordable colleges in the U.S., and this is a student loan. If your face usually looks like, when someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, you will be in serious need of this list! 1. United States Naval Academy in Annapolis If you are looking... Continue reading