Sample Essay “Is School Really the Best Time of Your Life?”

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There is a saying that school is the best time of a person’s life, the golden years. Indeed, children’s carelessness, especially in their pre-teens, is often associated with happiness, which is resulted by a great number of leisure activities and discoveries. On the other hand, are school years the happiest ones? A glance at a youth forum might be enough to get the idea that not everything is perfect at schools, and that many become much happier after finishing it. Examples of different school experiences are provided below in order to put the saying about the “best time of a person’s life” in doubt.

The belief about the golden school years also presumes some naïveté that is attributed to children. It is assumed that they do not have many reasons to be unhappy. From the perspective of a grown person, life seems much simpler during the school years. There are lots of free time and no major responsibilities, such as job or family, or providing for oneself. On the other hand, no child is entirely free to make their own choices. Children are dependent on adults—their parents or caregivers, as well as teachers—who often make decisions for them. Some report the feeling of instability in life, which derives from dependence and inability to fully take care of oneself financially. Besides, kids do not usually choose their school environment: they have to adapt to it over the course of studies. Unlike them, young adults are free to choose their college and their first job where they face less direct pressure to fit in.

There is a common problem of fitting in that many school students — or those who remember their days as school students — report. When at school, a child has to become a part of the social environment. Otherwise, he or she might become an object for bullying. This usually comes with a lot of stress for a young person, especially when their feelings are not taken seriously by adults. What’s more, kids face a lot of competition in school as well, which is a part of adjustment. They need to prove they are not worse than their peers, if not the best, in everything, from performance in class to participation in extra-class activities, or even to everyday look. In high school, there is confusion because of growing up. It is a period when it is important to accept oneself and one’s own new changing body and mind. Acceptance from others is important as well, and many young people seek it desperately.

Saying that “school is the best time of a one’s life” to a child is like saying that it cannot and will not be better after the school. While uninspiring and pessimistic, it is also untrue, especially when there are problems that big as adjustment, acceptance, or the threat of bullying. Besides, there is no need to focus on school years and mark them as special, because every period in life has a potential to be the best one.


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